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I would like to express my gratitude for taking the time to visit NanoSlick Lubricants. It looks like you want to know more about our company and what we stand for. Jeff Holder is the founder and CEO of NanoSlick Lubricants LLC., we have been in operation since 1998. In 2020 the company with through a large expansion and hired Michael Garrison as the Executive Vice President of Operations.

We are a U.S. service-disabled veteran owned family business. We strive for excellence in all our work, because of this our NanoSlick Lubricants are the best on the market. Our goal was to make a lubricant that can hold up in any situation, even in extreme hot or cold environments. Moreover, it had to provide protection against corrosion rust, and extremely high loads. We spent years and many tries to create the best tungsten lubricants that are available today.

We have locations in Southern California and Northern Alabama. Our clients come from all over the world to use our tungsten lubricants. Because of our locations we can offer faster and more efficient services all over the world. We deliver fast because we’re close to you.

We partnered with AfterShip, a top shipment tracker, so you can easily see your order status. With AfterShip, you can follow your shipment as it moves from place to place. We know waiting for a package can be frustrating. That’s why we prioritize transparency and delivering your package on time.

As a company, we have experienced growth and expansion in our product lines over the years to continually bring the lubricants that you need. Our main goal has always been to give our customers the best Tungsten Lubricants. We want to help companies reduce downtime and money spent on maintenance.



Humble beginnings

Our Founder, as an avid fisherman and out of frustration from not being able to find a better lubricant on the market for his fishing reels. He started experimenting with many different materials searching for the perfect lubricant. It wasn't until during his research that he came across the use of Tungsten Disulfide by the U.S. Government for lubrication in space environments. This set about a series of events that would last for years as he worked to develop a line of lubricants that are now known today as NanoSlick Lubricants.

Business Expansion

For over a decade we manufactured specialty lubricants for the marine and fishing industry. Over time this expanded into other lubricants designed specifically for other industry needs.

NanoSlick Lubricants was born

NanoSlick Lubricants LLC was officially born and registered from our former business. Our founder decided it was time to bring in more management, Michael Garrison joined NanoSlick Lubricants in partnership as the Executive Vice President of Operations. This was a great strategic move because it brought in more industrial experience and provided the opportunity for a separate East/West coast operations, bringing customers more efficient shipping based on their location.

The Future is Now!

Today NanoSlick lubricants continues to expand into more and more industries with the development of more exciting products! We have expanded our global reach into industries such as Mining, Offshore Petroleum, Aerospace, and Biotechnology. Our list of large companies that use NanoSlick Lubricants has greatly increased, as such we have expanded our product storage capabilities and manufacturing to stay ahead of demand.

It's a New Year!

It's a wonderful New Year filled with many great opportunities for new business and being thankful for continued lasting business relationships! At NanoSlick Lubricants we look forward to a challenging new year as our company continues to expand in size and depth of business around the globe. We are releasing an exciting new product this year, T-60 Arctic Lubricants with -70C temperature range!

United StatesGovernment Contracting

NanoSlick Lubricants is registered with the U.S. Government as a SDVOC certified small business and actively participates in government procurement contracting.
CAGE Code – 91MN8
DUNs – 113286128



Kathleen Holder

Account Management, EVP

Kathleen is a multi-talented business leader with many successful years as a Senior Vice President of Account Management.

Michael Garrison

Michael Garrison

Operations, EVP

Michael is designated as the Executive Vice President of Operations. In this capacity, he oversees various aspects of our business operations, with a specific focus on our Eastern U.S. and European customers. He currently resides in Birmingham Alabama with his …

Jeff Holder - Founder/CEO

Jeff Holder


Jeff is an accomplished Chief Executive Officer and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and the founder of NanoSlick Lubricants.