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Advanced Nanotechnology

NanoSlick EP-35 Extreme Pressure Grease is the epitome of lubrication excellence, a fully synthetic grease that harnesses the power of advanced nanotechnology to redefine the standards of modern lubrication. This grease is not just a product but a technological marvel, designed to significantly enhance lubrication by reducing friction and wear, achieving unparalleled results in the industrial lubricants sector.

Choose NanoSlick EP-35 for a grease that not only meets but exceeds the demands of modern machinery and industrial applications. Experience the difference with NanoSlick EP-35 – where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled lubrication performance.


Product description

Discover the unparalleled performance of NanoSlick EP-35 Extreme Pressure Grease, the fully synthetic lubricant that’s revolutionizing the industry with its advanced nanotechnology. Standing at the forefront of lubrication innovation, EP-35 dramatically enhances lubrication by reducing friction and wear, showcasing unprecedented results in industrial lubricants. NanoSlick EP-35 is not just a product; it’s a state-of-the-art breakthrough that consistently outperforms traditional lubricants, thanks to its cutting-edge nanotechnology.

Why Choose NanoSlick EP-35?

  • Unmatched Lubricity: With the lowest coefficient of friction, NanoSlick EP-35 is the slickest industrial grease available, ensuring maximum protection and longevity.
  • Revolutionary Technology: The use of tungsten disulfide nanoparticles provides a molecular bond with metal surfaces, creating an ultra-low friction barrier for efficient and enduring machinery performance.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for automotive, marine, construction, and manufacturing, EP-35 reduces maintenance costs and extends equipment lifespan, even in extreme heat conditions.

Key Benefits of NanoSlick EP-35:

  • Friction and Wear Reduction: Reduces friction and wear by up to 45%, significantly lowering downtime and part costs.
  • Superior Additive Blend: Offers exceptional protection against rust and corrosion, thanks to its proprietary blend of additives.
  • Extreme Temperature and Pressure Resistance: Functions flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -45°F to 450°F ((-43°C) to (232°C)) and withstands extreme pressures up to 300,000 PSI.
  • Adverse Condition Operation: Operates effectively in high-speed, saltwater, and corrosive environments, making it suitable for nearly any application.

NanoSlick EP-35 is the ultimate solution for those seeking the highest quality and performance in extreme pressure grease. Its remarkable properties make it perfect for bearing applications and high-load scenarios, providing strong resistance to abrasion and superior extreme pressure characteristics.

The secret behind NanoSlick EP-35’s extraordinary capabilities lies in the proprietary nanotechnology used to infuse our premium synthetic grease with tungsten disulfide particles. This material, known for its exceptional dry lubricity, outshines all others, especially in high-temperature and high-pressure applications. With the economic feasibility of using tungsten disulfide now on par with molybdenum, NanoSlick EP-35 offers a superior alternative that is both heavier and more stable, ensuring your machinery operates at peak efficiency. Experience the difference with NanoSlick EP-35 – the pinnacle of lubrication excellence.

Elevate your machinery’s performance with NanoSlick EP-35 Extreme Pressure Grease, the pinnacle of synthetic lubricants enhanced by groundbreaking nanotechnology. This grease is engineered to defy the most challenging environmental conditions, boasting an impressive temperature range from -45°F to 450°F ((-43°C) to (232°C)), making it the go-to choice for extreme temperature applications. With its remarkably high dropping point and the industry’s lowest coefficient of friction, NanoSlick EP-35 sets a new standard for extreme pressure greases.

NanoSlick EP-35 is meticulously formulated to provide unmatched lubrication for heavy-duty equipment and machinery. Infused with tungsten disulfide and cutting-edge nanotechnology, it delivers unparalleled protection and performance, even in the most demanding situations.

Outstanding Features of NanoSlick EP-35:

  • Extreme Condition Resilience: Exhibits exceptional resistance to extreme pressure and heavy loads, perfect for applications prone to shock loading, high temperatures, and water exposure.
  • Advanced Additive Technology: Utilizes tungsten disulfide and nanotechnology to enhance lubrication film strength, corrosion resistance, and wear protection, leading to more efficient operation and reduced maintenance.

Versatility and Compatibility: NanoSlick EP-35’s versatility shines across a spectrum of applications, from automotive to industrial, marine, and agricultural settings. It’s compatible with various seals and elastomers, simplifying its integration into diverse equipment types.

Benefits of Choosing NanoSlick EP-35:

  • Superior Protection: Offers outstanding protection and performance, ensuring smooth operation in both the automotive and industrial sectors.
  • Heavy-Duty Solution: Tailored for heavy-duty applications, its advanced nanotechnology formulation withstands extreme pressures, heat, and heavy loads.
  • Premium Blend: Features a unique blend of high-quality base oils and tungsten disulfide, known for enduring extreme conditions, thereby extending machinery life and reducing operational costs.

NanoSlick EP-35 is the ultimate lubricant for industrial, automotive, mining, manufacturing, and marine applications, delivering consistent performance in the most rigorous environments. It maintains its integrity under varying loads and temperatures, enhancing equipment reliability, minimizing downtime, and boosting productivity. Trust NanoSlick EP-35 for exceptional performance and protection, ensuring your machinery operates at peak efficiency. Experience the superior quality of NanoSlick EP-35 – where innovation meets durability.

Whether you are operating in a tough industrial environment or dealing with heavy loads, EP-35 Extreme Pressure Grease is the dependable, long-lasting solution that will keep your equipment running at peak performance. Its superior protection and performance, combined with its advanced nanotechnology, make it the ideal lubricant for those who demand the best. Invest in EP-35 Extreme Pressure Grease today, and experience the benefits of the latest in lubrication technology.With EP-35 Extreme Pressure Grease, you don’t have to worry about using multiple lubricants for different types of equipment or applications. This versatile grease can be used across various equipment and machinery types, saving you time and money. Moreover, EP-35 Extreme Pressure Grease is easy to apply, thanks to its smooth and consistent texture. It doesn’t melt or wash away, ensuring reliable lubrication even in high-pressure and high-heat environments.

Whether you are looking to improve the performance of your agricultural machinery or marine vessels, EP-35 Extreme Pressure Grease is the solution you need. Its advanced formulation provides superior lubrication for all heavy-duty applications and equipment with minimum fuss.

EP-35 Extreme Pressure Grease is the go-to solution for anyone looking to improve the performance, longevity, and reliability of their heavy-duty equipment. Its advanced formulation, which incorporates nanotechnology and tungsten disulfide, provides superior lubrication, wear protection, and corrosion resistance. Its versatility and compatibility with various equipment and machinery types make it easy to use, saving you valuable time and money.

So, if you’re in the automotive, industrial, mining, manufacturing, marine, or agricultural sector, and are looking for a top-performing, long-lasting grease, be sure to choose EP-35 Extreme Pressure Grease. With its many impressive features, including exceptional load carrying ability and extreme pressure resistance, you can rest assured that your equipment will perform at peak efficiency for longer. Don’t let downtime and maintenance costs put a damper on your operations – choose EP-35 Extreme Pressure Grease and experience the benefits of the latest in lubrication technology.

NanoSlick EP-35 Extreme Pressure Grease is a reliable solution to keep heavy-duty equipment running smoothly. Its advanced formulation and versatile nature make it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications, from automotive to industrial to agricultural. When it comes to withstanding extreme pressure, high temperatures, and shock loading, this grease stands out from the competition thanks to its superior load carrying ability and prolonged protection.

Advanced Nanotechnology

19 reviews for NanoSlick EP-35 Extreme Pressure Grease

  1. Won Tine (verified owner)

    I found these to be the best prices in the US

    1LB Container x1
  2. Arthur Pace (verified owner)

    EP-35 Grease is a high-performance lubricant that is specifically designed for use in industrial machinery and heavy-duty equipment. This grease is formulated to provide superior protection against wear, corrosion, and oxidation, making it an ideal choice for use in harsh operating environments.

    1LB Container x235LB Drum x13oz Container x114oz Cartridge x1
  3. Bill Baker (verified owner)

    Finally a company where you can actually get a live human! Thanks!

    3oz Container x1
  4. Diya Goodwin (verified owner)

    One of the key benefits of EP-35 Grease is its excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion, making it ideal for use in both wet and dry environments. Its superior protection against wear and tear also makes it a popular choice for heavy-duty applications, where equipment failure can result in costly downtime.

    14oz Cartridge x23oz Container x11LB Container x1
  5. James Curron (verified owner)

    Best tungsten products I’ve found

    3oz Container x1
  6. Steven (verified owner)

    Impeccable service, fast and friendly

    1LB Container x1
  7. Marely Clarke (verified owner)

    I recently switched to Nanoslick and I’m so glad I did. It’s the best tungsten lubricant out there, offering superior protection and longevity compared to the competition. My tools have never been so smooth & responsive, even after hours of use. The price is also very reasonable considering what you’re getting in return. Nanoslick is simply the best!

    14oz Cartridge x1
  8. Alberto Travis (verified owner)

    I’ve used a lot of tungsten lubricants in the past, but nothing has come close to Nanoslick. It’s the smoothest and most consistent lubricant I’ve ever used, and it keeps my tools running like new. It’s also easy to apply and lasts for a long time before needing to be changed. I highly recommend Nanoslick to anyone looking for top-notch tungsten lubricants!

    14oz Cartridge x31LB Container x23oz Container x1
  9. Jensen Kelly (verified owner)

    Nanoslick is the best tungsten lubricant I’ve ever used. It’s super lightweight and doesn’t leave any residue on my workpiece, which is essential when working with delicate materials. It also allows for smoother operation and better surface finish compared to other lubricants. I highly recommend Nanoslick for anyone looking for a top-notch tungsten lubricant!

    35LB Drum x11LB Container x514oz Cartridge x2
  10. Maxwell Turner (verified owner)

    Nanoslick is the best tungsten lubricant I’ve ever used. After using it, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my cutting speeds and tool life. Also, it has eliminated any kind of sticking issue that I was having with my machining process. Nanoslick really is the best tungsten lubricant out there – highly recommended!

    35LB Drum x1
  11. Alicia Sexton (verified owner)

    I wouldn’t use any other products

    14oz Cartridge x23oz Container x135LB Drum x1
  12. Lincoln Carlson (verified owner)

    EP-35 Grease is a versatile lubricant used in many industrial applications. This high-performance grease is formulated with high-quality base oils and a proprietary additive package, making it suitable for use in extreme operating conditions.

    3oz Container x235LB Drum x1
  13. Tiara Chapman (verified owner)

    This grease is able to maintain its consistency over time, even in extreme temperatures and high-speed applications. This means that you can rely on EP-35 Grease to provide consistent and reliable lubrication, even in the most demanding conditions.

    35LB Drum x13oz Container x11LB Container x1
  14. Jaden Knight (verified owner)

    Overall, EP-35 Grease is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a high-quality lubricant for use in heavy-duty equipment and machinery. Whether you are working in construction, mining, or manufacturing, EP-35 Grease can provide the protection and performance you need to keep your equipment running smoothly and effectively.

    1LB Container x53oz Container x314oz Cartridge x1
  15. Aileen Ferguson (verified owner)

    EP-35 Grease is compatible with a variety of seals and materials, making it a versatile option for lubricating machinery components such as bearings, gears, and chains. Its high load carrying capacity also means that it can handle heavy-duty applications with ease.

    1LB Container x13oz Container x235LB Drum x114oz Cartridge x1
  16. Mason Porter (verified owner)

    One of the key features of EP-35 Grease is its exceptional load-carrying capacity. This grease is able to withstand extreme pressure and heavy loads, making it perfect for use in equipment that is subjected to high stress and strain. Additionally, EP-35 Grease offers excellent water resistance, which helps to prevent rust and corrosion caused by moisture.

    35LB Drum x11LB Container x114oz Cartridge x1
  17. Elian Manning (verified owner)

    An advantage of EP-35 Grease is its ability to maintain its consistency in a wide range of temperatures, from sub-zero conditions to high heat environments. This makes it a reliable grease for use in all types of machinery, from automotive to industrial equipment.

    14oz Cartridge x1
  18. Amari Estrada (verified owner)

    EP-35 Grease is designed to offer long-term performance and durability.

    35LB Drum x1
  19. Johnathon Wilson (verified owner)

    Overall, EP-35 Grease is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-performance lubricant that can withstand the rigors of industrial use. Its superior properties and versatility make it a go-to option for those in the manufacturing, mining, and transportation sectors. With EP-35 Grease, you can rest assured that your machinery will be well-protected and operating at peak performance.

    1LB Container x13oz Container x314oz Cartridge x3

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