SLICK-33 LOW FRICTION GREASEInfused with Tungsten Disulfide

Our Slick-33 Low Friction Grease are specifically designed low friction torque lubricant for high-speed applications, a must have for high-speed bearing applications. Our Slick-33 grease has countless other applications, including greasing sliding surfaces and open gears, as well as other industrial, agricultural, and automotive uses. It lasts four times longer than comparable grease products, thanks to the our exclusive Tungsten Disulfide particles and temperature-resistant formula.

Non-useful friction is simply a wasted energy, expelled in the form of heat. There are times when friction can be useful such as when enabling predictable and steady movements at high loads. High amounts of friction often lead to higher wear, poor reliability, and ultimately a lower life-span. When using a low-torque lubricant is is essential to remember that too much grease can be a bad thing, as a high grease fill means greater resistance and a lack of free space to dissipate heat.


Our customers rely on the quality of NanoSlick Lubricants to provide reliability, increase performance, and extend equipment lifespans.

Studies of Friction in Grease-Lubricated Rolling Bearings Using Ball-on-Disc and Full Bearing Tests – this is a great study done by Yuta Kanazawa, Nicola De Laurentis and Amir Kadiric

Patented synthetic NLGI Grade 2, multi-purpose base.

Infused with a high concentrate of Tungsten Disulfide.

Dropping Point 500 degrees F.

High-speed and heavy shear/wear applications.

Proprietary blend of rust and corrosion inhibitors.


NanoSlick Lubricants Slick-33 Low Friction Grease Safety Data Sheet. Print or download a digital copy for your records.