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Lasts up to 30x longer than others

A study by Metal Finishing News found that tungsten disulfide lubricants lasted up to 30 times longer than traditional lubricants, leading to significant savings in maintenance and replacement costs.

A Game-Changer for the industry!

NanoSlick Tungsten Lubricants are a game-changer in lubrication technology. Imagine a lubricant that can revolutionize your industrial operations!

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NanoSlick Lubricants Extreme Pressure Grease

Our top-selling lubricant, NanoSlick EP-35 Extreme Pressure Grease, is enhanced with 99.9% pure Tungsten Disulfide to ensure consistent performance and reliability, even under the most extreme loads. This product is particularly beneficial for those who require a high-performing lubricant to protect their equipment.

NanoSlick Lubricants DT-100 Tungsten Disulfide Powder

DT-100 Tungsten Disulfide at 99.9% purity has an outstanding performance compared to other types of dry lubricants. It boasts a low co-efficient of 0.03 and can withstand temperature ranges as low as -450F to as high as 1200F, making it well-suited for use in extreme environments.


  • Amado G.

    Amado G.

    Sr. Process Engineer | Tesla, Inc.

    NanoSlick DT-100 is being used in R&D for cell technology.

  • Dave M

    Dave M

    Gates, Inc.

    NanoSlick always goes above and beyond to meet our needs including products and shipping! Thanks guys!

  • Frank H

    Frank H

    Caterpillar, Inc.

    OK, when I first head of NanoSlick I was, like you, a bit skeptical. After using this for a few weeks now I can say with absolute certainty that this adds a level of lubricity that I didn't think existed!

  • Jerry C

    Jerry C

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    We always use NanoSlick for their reliability and quality for many of our research projects.

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