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We recognize the vital importance of uninterrupted production lines and the intense demands to maintain their operation. Our foundation is built on the commitment to minimize downtime and cut maintenance expenses, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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While most companies are still using outdated lubricants containing MolyB, which can lead to higher failure rates and under performance. You can be using state of the art nanotechnology with NanoSlick Lubricants that contain only the purest 99.99% Tungsten Disulfide, and the highest percent per volume of any lubricants on the market!


We are experts at helping businesses reduce maintenance costs, increase performance, increase equipment ROI, reduce production downtime. We can match a NanoSlick product to your exacting lubrication needs. Contact us and tell us about your challenges.

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This is our high-performance marvel meticulously engineered to withstand extreme loads and ensure consistent reliability. This is no ordinary lubricant, it’s a shield against wear, a boost to efficiency, and a testament to cutting-edge lubrication technology. EP-35 extends the life of mission-critical systems.


At an impressive 99.9% purity, DT-100 Tungsten Disulfide outshines other dry lubricants. With a low coefficient of 0.03, DT-100 glides effortlessly, minimizing wear and maximizing efficiency. From bone-chilling -450°F to searing 1200°F, DT-100 fearlessly tackles the harshest environments.


  • Amado G.

    Amado G.

    Sr. Process Engineer | Tesla, Inc.

    NanoSlick DT-100 is being used in R&D for cell technology.

  • Dave M

    Dave M

    Gates, Inc.

    NanoSlick always goes above and beyond to meet our needs including products and shipping! Thanks guys!

  • Frank H

    Frank H

    Caterpillar, Inc.

    OK, when I first head of NanoSlick I was, like you, a bit skeptical. After using this for a few weeks now I can say with absolute certainty that this adds a level of lubricity that I didn't think existed!

  • Jerry C

    Jerry C

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    We always use NanoSlick for their reliability and quality for many of our research projects.

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