NANOSLICK TUNGSTEN T-60 ARCTIC LUBRICANTS (-70C to 115C)Infused with Tungsten Disulfide

NanoSlick T-60 Arctic Lubricant is a high-performance lubricant designed specifically for extreme cold weather conditions. With a temperature range of -70C to 115C (-94F to 239F), it is well-suited for use in cold storage systems, refrigeration equipment, and other arctic weather equipment. NanoSlick T-60 Arctic Lubricant has also been developed to meet the stringent environmental requirements of military-grade equipment used in extreme cold weather conditions. Its unique formula ensures optimal performance even in the harshest environments. NanoSlick T-60 Arctic Lubricant is a top choice for businesses looking for a reliable lubricant in extreme cold weather applications.


Bonds at Molecular Level

NanoSlick Tungsten T-60 Arctic Lubricants have a unique property of adhering to any surface through a molecular/mechanical interlock. Unlike standard lubricants, NanoSlick Lubricants take on the characteristic of the substrate they are applied on, regardless of its nature, be it ferrous, non-ferrous, composite, carbide, or plastic. In addition, NanoSlick Lubricants also have excellent oil-retention properties. Whether you apply them in dry or wet applications, they help oil and grease to stay where they are supposed to be.

Extreme Operating Temperature

From -70C to 115C (-94F to 239F) it is easy to see why it is the perfect choice for cold storage systems, refrigeration equipment, arctic weather equipment, and military grade extreme cold weather environmental requirements.

Agronomy Research

NanoSlick Tungsten T-60 Arctic Lubricant also has a dropping point, of 289°F (143°C).

NanoSlick Tungsten T-60 Arctic Lubricant adheres to any substrate surface through a molecular/mechanical interlock and takes on the characteristic of the substrate regardless of whether it is ferrous, non-ferrous, a composite, carbide, or plastic! Standard lubricants on the market are simply not capable of doing this! NanoSlick Lubricants also have a natural affinity for lubricants which results in oil-retention properties even in “wet” applications (It will help keep oil and grease where it should be!).


NanoSlick Lubricants T-60 Arctic Grease Safety Data Sheet. Print or download a digital copy for your records.


Patented synthetic NLGI Grade 2, multi-purpose base.

Infused with our highest concentrate of Tungsten Disulfide, and a special proprietary blend of ingredients that make it extremely resistant to salt water spray and corrosion.

Proprietary blend of rust, corrosion inhibitors, and other additives.

Perfect choice of lubricant for cold storage systems, refrigeration equipment, any application where lubrication is subjected to extreme cold conditions.