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Gates Hydraulic Crimping Devices

NanoSlick Lubricants is proud to be the only authorized supplier of Tungsten Extreme Pressure lubricants for Gates Inc. complete line of hydraulic hose crimping devices. Gates hydraulic hose crimpers are designed to instantly crimp hoses and couplings onsite, and are required to withstand thousands of pounds per square inch of pressure. When Gates needed a […]

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Automotive Uses

Castrol was the first to introduce liquid tungsten to motor oils with its revolutionary anti-wear properties and in the 1970s launched a low viscosity rated engine oil to the consumer market that boasted significant fuel efficiency benefits – a product formerly available to racing teams. We have several customers that use our NanoSlick Tungsten Products […]

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The History of Tungsten

Tungsten, also known  as  wolfram, enjoys a unique position among metals. It has the highest melting point, 3410 C. (6170 F.), of any metal. Its corrosion  resistance  is  also one of the  highest.  When properly worked it is elastic  and  ductile, and tensils of up to 600,000 pounds per square inch can be obtained. The […]

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Guide Bullet Coating with Tungsten WS2

Guide to Bullet Coating Coating Bullets with Tungsten Disulfide For fans of coated bullets, here is a step-by-step bullet-coating guide. This article explains how to apply dry lubricants to jacketed bullets using two methods. In Part I of this article, Kevin Osborne shows how to coat bullets with a vibratory tumbler. There are other ways […]

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Fall Fishing – Are you ready?

It is tough to find the time to do the things that you love! but sometimes you just have to sneak away! and yesterday was one of those days. I’ve been wanting to get in some fall fishing at a very nice community lake, but finding the time lately has been a challenge. Community and […]

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Why Not Teflon?

Why are products based on Teflon not the wisest choice for the environment? Teflon, which is known chemically as polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE, is a plasticlike substance made up of a complex mixture of perfl uorinated chemicals (PFCs). Unlike known environmental villains such as DDT and PCBs, PFCs are not generally volatile – in other words, […]

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Love Your Favorite Lubricant?

Do you love your favorite grease or oil lubricant but wish it could be made even better? Now you can! Many people feel just like you do, they don’t want to give up their favorite lubricants that they have used for years but they would love to be able to improve it even more. Our […]

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Tungsten Disulfide – Inorganic Fullerene

The ultimate lube is the Inorganic Fullerene (IF), like Tungsten Disulfide. “W” is the correct abbreviation for Tungsten (Wolfram originally). WS2 is the most lubricious material available. This material alone would provide better lubrication than MoDS2. Generally moly is not really nano sized. Nano particles need to be less than 100 nanometers. The (normally) larger […]

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Mikes Reel Repair

I was talking with Mike from Mike’s Reel Repair yesterday, they are one of the largest reel repair stores anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Mike’s staff has been experimenting with NanoSlick™ Lubricant Products at his business. Now, Mike and I have known each other long-distance wise for over 10 years, and I always enjoy talking […]

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