Tungsten Fishing Reel Grease
$11.95$45.95 Tungsten Fishing Reel Grease is designed specifically to meet the needs of both saltwater and freshwater reels by using Tungsten Disulfide Nano-Particles to create smoother and longer casting.

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Tungsten Extreme Pressure Grease
$12.95$49.95 This is our most advanced Extreme Pressure lubricant, the #1 solution when you need a lubricant to withstand thousands of pounds per square inch, along with wide temperature ranges! Crimpers, Jacks, Cutters, etc.

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Tungsten EP/LF Grease 14oz Cartridges
$43.95$47.00 Tungsten Disulfide Extreme Pressure or Low-Friction Grease are now available in 14oz. cartridges, versatile for almost any application use. Just insert into your grease gun!

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Black Widow Grease
$11.95$46.95 Developed with the firearm owner in mind, this is the firearm grease you will ever need! State-of-the-art premium plus, water-resistant grease infused with 99.9% pure Tungsten Disulfide

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Tungsten All-Weather Grease
$12.95$42.00 Tungsten All-Weather Grease is ideal for use anywhere the most extreme temperatures and pressures demand a superior grease that can withstand extreme conditions. Snowmobile, Skiing, ATV, etc.Select options
Tungsten Disulfide Powder
$26.95$595.00 We use only 99.9% Pure Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) for the best lubricant on the market. Withstands tremendous temperature ranges of -350° F to +1000° F, and extreme pressures up to 300,000psi.  Select options