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Tungsten Extreme Pressure Lubricant

NanoSlick Industrial Lubricants are available in Extreme Pressure (EP) and Low-Friction (LF), both are based on advanced technology that improves lubrication properties by decreasing friction and wear, thereby extending gear life. Our Industrial lubricants consists of a state-of-the-art premium plus, water-resistant grease infused with 99.9% pure Tungsten Disulfide (0.6 micron).

Tungsten Extreme Pressure LubricantsNanoSlick Extreme Pressure Grease (EP)
is designed for a wide range of applications including gears, bearings,
generators, crimpers, cranes, pump and other industrial applications.
Load bearing properties are what give our Extreme Pressure Grease they
strength and resiliency needed to handle the big jobs. NanoSlick Extreme
Pressure Grease is ideal for use anywhere the most extreme temperatures
and pressures demand a superior grease that can withstand extreme
conditions. NanoSlick Extreme Pressure Grease has ideal properties for
bearing grease application and is useful for both high load and impact
load applications. This is the case because of its strong resistance to
abrasion and its impressive extreme pressure properties. NanoSlick
Extreme Pressure Grease’s exceptional extreme pressure (EP) properties
and high load bearing properties are due to the tungsten disulfide
particles it contains (tungsten disulfide has a high load bearing
property of 300,000 psi).

Trusted by many Fortune 250 and 500 companies around the globe for their manufactured products and machinery.

Qualities of NanoSlick Extreme Pressure Grease:
*Extremely High Load Bearing Capability.
*Patented synthetic NLGI Grade 2, low-friction complex base.
*Infused with a high concentrate of Tungsten Disulfide.
*Proprietary blend of rust and corrosion inhibitors.
*Temperature Resistance from -45°F to 450°F (-43°C to 232°C).
*Heavy load bearing and extreme pressure applications.