“Forms a thin film to protect your equipment and repel dirt in wet or arid conditions, prevents friction damage and helps extend the life of your gear.”

As passionate adventurers, we get it—what you really need is gear that operates flawlessly on demand, regardless of the weather conditions. The last thing you want is the hassle of maintenance, cleaning, and re-greasing every time you head out or return from your journey. We’re here to ensure that your adventures are seamless, and your focus remains on the experience, not the upkeep.

Leveraging cutting-edge nanotechnology, TungstenGlide Marine Lubricant products are engineered to enhance lubrication by significantly reducing friction and wear, which in turn prolongs the lifespan of your gear. They feature an advanced, premium plus, water-resistant grease composition, enriched with 99.9% pure Tungsten Disulfide and our exclusive mix of rust and corrosion inhibitors. This innovative formula positions our greases as the most superior, professional-grade options available today, ensuring peak performance and reliability.

What is the difference?

Our TungstenGlide Marine Lubricant stands out in the market with its exceptional ability to withstand the harsh conditions of both saltwater and freshwater environments. Thanks to the incorporation of ultra-fine nanoparticles, it offers unparalleled smoothness, significantly enhancing the casting distance and precision for anglers. This meticulous design ensures that every cast is effortless and more effective, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the catch without worrying about the performance of your reels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic beginner, our lubricant is the secret ingredient for a superior fishing experience.

Eliminate Friction and Wear –

Our TungstenGlide Marine Lubricant is meticulously formulated to ensure that your equipment operates at optimal performance levels. Let’s face it, friction and wear are formidable adversaries to any gear. Our lubricants are designed to combat these challenges, minimizing them to the lowest levels achievable by any lubricant available today. This means you can trust that your equipment will function smoothly and efficiently, giving you the peace of mind to focus on the sport you love. With our lubricant, you’re not just maintaining your gear; you’re enhancing its longevity and reliability for countless adventures to come.

Store and Forget It –

TungstenGlide Marine Lubricant is renowned for its exceptional stability, ensuring that it maintains its consistency over time. Unlike other lubricants, it won’t solidify or transform into a waxy clump during storage. This reliability means you can store your gear with confidence, knowing that when it’s time to retrieve it, the lubricant will be just as effective as the day you applied it. Enjoy the convenience of a lubricant that’s ready to perform whenever you are, eliminating any pre-trip maintenance concerns and letting you focus on the excitement of the catch.

Stays Where It Should –

TungstenGlide Marine Lubricant boasts an unparalleled tenacity, adhering firmly to your gear throughout extended use. Its robust formulation ensures that it remains stable, without softening or flowing away, even during prolonged periods of activity. This steadfastness means you can rely on consistent performance and protection, allowing you to focus on the sport without interruption or the need for frequent reapplication. It’s the steadfast companion that keeps your equipment in prime condition, no matter the duration or intensity of your fishing adventures.

Patented synthetic NLGI Grade 2, heavy-duty, multi-purpose lubricant with addition of PTFE micro powders.

Lowest coefficient of friction – 0.03%, unmatched by either Graphite, Teflon or Molybdenum Disulfide (MolyB)

Rust and saltwater corrosion inhibitors

Specifically designed to provide zero washout to keep the lubricant where it should be!

TungstenGlide Marine Lubricant
Top Professional Anglerswon't use anything else on their gear!

TungstenGlide Marine Lubricant has become the go-to choice for top-tier Professional Anglers and Reel Manufacturers who trust nothing else for their equipment. Our presence at the Open Bay Bass Tournament Event in San Diego’s Shelter Island was a testament to our commitment to quality and performance. 

Our booth, strategically positioned alongside industry giant Abu-Garcia, became the center of attention when one of their Pro-Staff Anglers, impressed by our lubricant’s superior quality, spontaneously disassembled his reel on the spot to apply NanoSlick. This spontaneous demonstration not only highlighted the angler’s trust in our product but also showcased the real-time benefits and effectiveness of our lubricant.

This incident underscores the deep appreciation and preference that professionals have for TungstenGlide Marine Lubricant. It’s moments like these that reflect the genuine enthusiasm and loyalty our customers have towards our brand, and we are incredibly proud to be a part of their sportfishing success.

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