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Tungsten All-Weather Grease

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Tungsten All-Weather Grease is ideal for use anywhere the most extreme temperatures and pressures demand a superior grease that can withstand extreme conditions. Snowmobile, Skiing, ATV, etc.

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NanoSlick Lubricants™ Tungsten All-Weather Grease is based on advanced technology that improves lubrication properties by decreasing friction and wear, thereby extending gear life. NanoSlick Lubricants™ Tungsten All-Weather Grease consists of a state-of-the-art premium plus, water-resistant grease infused with 99.9% pure Tungsten Disulfide (0.6 micron), and our own special blend of rust and corrosion inhibitors, making NanoSlick Lubricants™ Tungsten All-Weather Grease the slickest, highest quality professional grease on the market! If you are looking for ultimate in protection, lubricity, and longevity then ” NanoSlick Lubricants™ Tungsten All-Weather Grease” is what you’ve been waiting for.

Qualities of NanoSlick Lubricants™ Tungsten All-Weather Grease:

  • Patented synthetic NLGI Grade 2, heavy-duty, multi-purpose lubricant with addition of PTFE micro powders
  • Tungsten Lowest coefficient of friction – 0.03%, unmatched by either Graphite, Teflon or Molybdenum Disulfide (MolyB)
  • Proprietary blend of rust and corrosion inhibitors.
  • Temperature Resistance from -45°F to 450°F (-43°C to 232°C)
  • Load Bearing Capability is Extremely High at 300,000PSI
  • Applications are unlimited and could be tried with every conceivable idea
  • Designed specially for saltwater and freshwater Sport Fishing Reels.
  • Environmentally friendly and Biodegradable

NanoSlick Lubricants™ Tungsten All-Weather Grease is ideal for use anywhere the most extreme temperatures and pressures demand a superior grease that can withstand extreme conditions. NanoSlick Lubricants™ Tungsten All-Weather Grease has ideal properties for bearing grease application and is useful for both high load and impact load applications. This is the case because of its strong resistance to abrasion and its impressive extreme pressure properties.

NanoSlick Lubricants™ Tungsten All-Weather Grease’s exceptional extreme pressure (EP) properties and high load bearing properties are due to the tungsten disulfide particles it contains (tungsten disulfide has a high load bearing property of 300,000 psi). Tungsten disulfide, one the most lubricious materials one the planet, can offer a dry lubricity that no other substance can match and is the superior disulfide for use in high temperature and high pressure applications. Tungsten disulfide grease can be used in place of molybdenum disulfide grease (sometimes referred to as moly disulfide grease) and graphite grease, to the betterment of the operation. Molybdenum and tungsten come from the same chemical family and have been around equally long, and although molybdenum has traditionally been the more popular choice (due to easy availability and previous lower cost), its rising cost has put it in a comparable price range with tungsten. It is now more economically feasible to use tungsten disulfide, which is a superior disulfide as it is both heavier and more stable than molybdenum.

NanoSlick Lubricants™ Tungsten All-Weather Grease is highly resistant to rust, water, and humidity in the environment and it offers exceptional mechanical stability under high shear. With an application temperature range of -45°F to 450°F (-43°C to 232°C), NanoSlick Lubricants™ WS2 Reel Grease is equipped to take on the most extreme temperature conditions. Not only does NanoSlick Lubricants™ Tungsten All-Weather Grease have a very high dropping point, it also has the lowest coefficient of friction when compared to any other high temperature greases.

For use on reels, guns, motors, precision gears, cutting tools, chain saws, boat trailers, hinges, practically any material surface that slides, rolls, or rotates.

  • Exhibits exceptional stability and will not harden or set up in storage or use.
  • Stays in place during use for extended periods without softening or flowing.
  • Retains its consistency even at high temperatures.
  • Does not bleed, and tightly holds the oil within the grease structure, even at high temperatures.
  • Provides these load carrying capabilities without the use of heavy metals or chlorinated extreme pressure additives which can be toxic to the environment.

Top Professional Anglers and World Class Competition Shooters swear by it, and won’t use anything else on their gear. When we attended the Open Bay Bass Tournament Event in San Diego at Shelter Island, where we gave away thousands of dollars of product to anglers. We happened to have a booth next to Abu-Garcia and one of their Pro-Staff Anglers. He was so convinced in the product that he went straight out and got one of his reels and immediately broke it down right there at the booth and started to apply our NanoSlick Lubricants™ Tungsten All-Weather Grease. Now that shows you how much people love our products!

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6 reviews for Tungsten All-Weather Grease

  1. Skeetersgo

    I really love this stuff

  2. Bill Sterling

    I use it on my reels!

  3. Tim B.

    Gotta getcha some of this stuff

  4. kevin

    I been using this lube for years since back when it was called monster lube 😉 Love it

  5. Tim Sears

    It’s never failed me yet!

  6. T. Blake

    I do a lot of saltwater fishing and I use nothing less than this on my reels, I have had zero problems since I have started using it almost a year ago.

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