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NanoSlick™ Tungsten Powder Lubricant is 99.9% Pure Tungsten Disulfide (0.6 micron), known as the slickest, lowest-friction lubricant on the market. Rated by scientists worldwide as the most lubricious inert material on the planet, offering a dry lubricity that no other substance, natural or man-made can match!

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NanoSlick™ Tungsten Powder Lubricant
We use only 99.9% Pure Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) to create the best lubricant on the market. Rated by scientists as the most lubricious material on the planet, offering a dry lubricity that no other substance can match! It was originally developed for NASA by Stanford University, and now a Formula 3000 Racing Team owes its success to using Tungsten Disulfide (WS2), and now your customers can use the same technology!

NanoSlick™ Tungsten Powder Lubricant consists of the purest 99.9% Tungsten Disulfide (WS2), and is unmatched in its exceptional ability to withstand even the most extreme conditions such as corrosion, rust, tremendous temperature ranges of -350° F to +1000° F, and extreme pressures up to 300,000psi. Tungsten Disulfide is rated better than Titanium, Teflon, Graphite and MolyB lubricants! Simply put, it is the last lubricant you will ever need!

Ourdoorsmen all over the world use NanoSlick!
NanoSlick™ Tungsten Powder Lubricant is used by thousands of anglers and outdoorsmen in over 120 different countries, not including almost every state in the U.S. We have many retail tackle stores, and reel repair businesses that carry our lubricants as well as several International Dealers located in Greece, Italy, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and others.

NanoSlick™ Tungsten Powder Lubricant is used worldwide by anglers, hunters, guides, climbers, and more, because they rely on the highest quality lubricant available to protect their gear and keep it operating at peak performance! From their reels, firearms, bows, motors, trailers, anything that needs lubricating they are successfully using it and love the instant difference that it makes. This is not your ordinary lubricant, it is formulated with the highest grade compounds, designed to operate under the most severe conditions and not let customers down when they need it!

NanoSlick™ Tungsten Powder Lubricant adheres to any substrate surface through a molecular/mechanical interlock and takes on the characteristic of the substrate regardless of whether it is ferrous, non-ferrous, a composite, carbide, or plastic! Standard lubricants on the market are simply not capable of doing this! NanoSlick™ Tungsten Powder Lubricant also has a natural affinity for lubricants which results in oil-retention properties even in “wet” applications (It will help keep oil and grease where it should be!). NanoSlick™ Tungsten Powder Lubricant creates a durable coating and normally does not need to be re-coated for approximately one year. To protect your items coated with Tungsten Disulfide (WS2):

  • Cleaning solvents such as trichlorethane, acetone, mineral spirits or alcohol can be used with no adverse affects. Strong alkaline solutions or acids cannot be used.
  • Scouring pads or other abrasive materials should not be used as they can damage the lubricant coating.

NanoSlick™ Tungsten Powder Features:

  • Inert, non-toxic, non-corrosive  (So, really, environmentally friendly!)
  • Functionally lubricant from -350˚F to +1000˚F (cryogenically stable)
  • Impervious to solvents (even chlorinated variants) and refined fuels
  • Applied at room temperature with molecular adhesion from 120psi+
  • Molecularly bonded as a dry coating with only 0.5 micron buildup
  • Resists carbon build-up and will NOT peel, flake, or chip away
  • Provides full (100%) lubricity throughout the entire structure
  • Retains the dimensional integrity of the bonded substrate
  • Reduces mechanical lubrication problems on treated parts
  • Enhances structural performance and component service life
  • Eliminates issues with excessive wear, noise, and component seizures
  • Withstands over 300,000 psi of load, subjective to substrate limitations
  • Provides an ultra low frictional co-efficient at µ=0.030 dynamic range (µ=0.070 to 0.090 static)

NanoSlick™ Tungsten Powder Benefits:

  • Low Co-efficient of Friction (0.030)
  • Anti-Galling / Anti-Seizing
  • Wear Reduction
  • Compatible with other Lubricants, Fuels and Gases
  • Does Not Change Material Characteristics
  • Unique Surface Appearance
  • Use Where Other Lubricants are Unacceptable
  • Environmentally Safe

NanoSlick™ Tungsten Powder Qualities:

  • Is an extensively modified lamellar composition of Tungsten Disulfide.
  • Molecularly bonds to most materials and platings.
  • Transmigrates into the molecular structure of the substrate and can only be eliminated by removing the bonded substrate.
  • Is inert, inorganic, non-toxic, non-corrosive and resistant to most fuels, solvents and acids. It is compatible with and enhances the performance of ALL oils and greases.
  • Can withstand loads to 350,000 psi (aprox. 2,450 MPa) and Working Temperature Range from -350° F to +1000° F (-188° C to +538° C) in normal atmosphere
  • Suited for Vacuum Environment Lowest outgassing amongst all dry film lubricants at -350°F to +2400°F (-188°C to +1316°C), even at 10 -14 torr (10 to the power of –14)
  • Friction freedom can reduce or overcome conventional lubrication problems, improving performance and/or extending service life.
  • Maintains the dimensional integrity of the substrate to within 0.5

Compare Prices:

Prices for Tungsten Disulfide are all over the board, many companies are charging unbelievably huge amounts, some over $500 an ounce . We have been selling Tungsten WS2 powder for over 10 years and have excellent resources that allow us to save you hundreds of dollars! Don’t believe us, check these places we found, or do your own search, I know you will find we simply cannot be beat in price, quality, or service!


Competitor 2oz. NanoSlick 2oz. (0.6 micron)
Graphene Supermarket (.6 micron) $1,041 Ours $42.95
SkySpring Nanomaterials Inc. (.8 micron) $56.00 Ours $42.95
LowerFriction (90 nm) $330.00 Ours $42.95


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4 reviews for NanoSlick™ Tungsten Powder

  1. RickStovall

    I own a reel repair business and use this exclusively in all the reels that come into my shop.

  2. MarkTheMan (verified owner)

    I have several saltwater reels that I have used this on many times, I love being able to still use my favorite grease but supercharge it. After awhile the gears are fully coated with the tungsten and looks very shiny, you can tell they are definitely protected.

  3. BobG (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this for years on my reels and guns. I do a lot of shopping for the best prices this is the best lubricant you can get for your money.

  4. Sam

    If you know what tungsten is then you know this is the best price you will find on any site, and the quality it absolutely the best too

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