Price Comparision | NanoSlick Lubricants

I do a lot of research in the course of running NanoSlick™ and I am always continuously amazed at some of the prices that are being charged out there by large name companies for Tungsten Disulfide. I recently came across one I wanted to share as a comparison to our WS2 Tungsten Powder”

I researched all companies offering Tungsten Disulfide dry powder, then I chose the lowest price of all researched, and that matched the same nano-size specifications as we offer. This means that all the others that are not listed were “higher” in price than the one I used as an example.

Popular Brand Company NanoSlick™
$6.60 per gram $.28 per gram
$187.11 per ounce $7.94 per ounce

*Exact same specifications, 90nm size

NanoSlick™ is 96.7% less in cost compared to competitors! We are extremely competitive when it comes to quality and pricing.