Love Your Favorite Lubricant? | NanoSlick Lubricants

Do you love your favorite grease or oil lubricant but wish it could be made even better? Now you can! Many people feel just like you do, they don’t want to give up their favorite lubricants that they have used for years but they would love to be able to improve it even more. Our WS2 Dry Lubricant is the perfect solution, it can be added to any grease or oil lubricant to SUPERCHARGE IT! WS2 Dry Lubricant consists of 99.9% pure Tungsten Disulfide, known within the scientific communities as the world’s slickest natural lubricant, made by Mother Nature herself.

Tungsten Disulfide is rated better than Titanium, Teflon, Graphite and MolyB lubricants! NanoSlick™ WS2 Dry Lubricant adheres to any substrate surface through a molecular/mechanical interlock and takes on the characteristic of the substrate regardless of whether it is ferrous, non-ferrous, a composite, carbide, or plastic! Standard lubricants on the market are simply not capable of doing this!

Get some today and SuperCharge your favorite oil or grease!