Fall Fishing - Are you ready? | NanoSlick Lubricants

Fishing with TungstenLube

It is tough to find the time to do the things that you love! but sometimes you just have to sneak away! and yesterday was one of those days. I’ve been wanting to get in some fall fishing at a very nice community lake, but finding the time lately has been a challenge. Community and City Lakes are some of the most productive fishing areas in my opinion. Many times these lakes are simply overlooked by fishermen because they believe they too small, but trust me the smart angler will hunt for these little honey holes.

I was testing out one of our newest lubricants on ultra-light tackle and a spinnerbait that was recently patented by my father (very proud of him for the astounding accomplishment).

This is a shot of one of several beauties that I caught, all catch and release of course. This lake holds a very high healthy population of largemouth bass, and over the last 8 years I have watched the size of the average catch continually on the rise.

Fall fishing can be one of the most productive times of the year for fishing because all the fish are on the bite trying to fatten up before winter. So get your reels ready, and be sure to hit the water, you don’t want to miss out on the fall season!