Automotive Uses

Castrol was the first to introduce liquid tungsten to motor oils with its revolutionary anti-wear properties and in the 1970s launched a low viscosity rated engine oil to the consumer market that boasted significant fuel efficiency benefits – a product formerly available to racing teams. We have several customers that use our NanoSlick Tungsten Products […]

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The History of Tungsten

Tungsten, also known  as  wolfram, enjoys a unique position among metals. It has the highest melting point, 3410 C. (6170 F.), of any metal. Its corrosion  resistance  is  also one of the  highest.  When properly worked it is elastic  and  ductile, and tensils of up to 600,000 pounds per square inch can be obtained. The […]

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Guide Bullet Coating with Tungsten WS2

Guide to Bullet Coating Coating Bullets with Tungsten Disulfide For fans of coated bullets, here is a step-by-step bullet-coating guide. This article explains how to apply dry lubricants to jacketed bullets using two methods. In Part I of this article, Kevin Osborne shows how to coat bullets with a vibratory tumbler. There are other ways […]

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