We Are Tribology Aficionados!

The term tribology comes from the Greek word “tribos” which means “rubbing” and from the suffix “ology”, which means “the study of”. Therefore, tribology is the study of rubbing or the study of things that rub. Nowadays, tribology is known as the study of friction, lubrication and wear.

We are a veteran owned family business, and like many successful businesses we started out working from a tiny garage. Our friends and family, say that we have always been avid,  or somewhat obsessed, fishermen! The perfect lubricant would need to hold up in the coldest and hottest of conditions, in saltwater or freshwater. It needed to provide corrosion and rust protection and maximum casting distance. Sure, it was a lot to ask for, but over many years, and many failures, we perfected the absolute best lubricant on the market today. Today that lubricant is called NanoSlick Lubricants!

Our locations

We have locations based in Southern California and Alabama with hundreds of domestic and international clients! Having locations on both sides of the Continental U.S. gives us the advantage of providing faster, more efficient service to any location around the world. Sounds amazing right!, but what it comes down to is “we get our products to you faster” from a location closer to you! To make sure that you know exactly where your order is at all times, we have partnered with AfterShip, one of the largest providers of shipment tracking. AfterShip allows our customers to track their shipment during transit. Because, let’s face it, we all hate uncertainty and waiting for a package is no fun!

What do we do?

We are the manufacturer of NanoSlick Lubricants, the only lubricants produced specifically with pure 99.9% Nano-Tungsten Disulfide. Unmatched in its exceptional ability to withstand even the most extreme conditions. Such as, saltwater corrosion, rust, tremendous temperature ranges of -450° F to +1200° F, and extreme pressures up to 300,000psi. Composed of the highest quality Tungsten Disulfide WS2 combined with a patented synthetic NLGI Grade 2, heavy-duty, multi-purpose lubricant with addition of PTFE micro powders. Tungsten Disulfide is rated better than Titanium, Teflon, Graphite and MolyB lubricants!



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